Nicole Ruuska

Nicole grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The incredible beauty of the abundant woodlands, lakes and wildlife fuelled her passion for drawing. In her early twenties she discovered a new medium, acrylic paints. Being a self-taught artist, Nicole continues to challenge herself with new limits using Mother Nature as her canvas. Painting on smooth stones from lakes and rivers, tree fungus, feathers, oyster and scallops shells are amongst her newest creations.
Living on the West Coast of Canada has been a great source of inspiration to Nicole for many years.  With her continued passion to grow artistically and spiritually, Nicole expanded her horizons and moved to the East Coast of Canada with her musician Fiancé Damian.  

Nicole’s fine art work is collected internationally and has been featured in many art galleries across Canada. Her latest artworks now grace Margaretsville Art Shack in Margaretsville, NS and Oceanside Artland in Cornwallis, NS.

Nicole is featured in the popular Maritime magazine “Saltscapes” (June/July 2022 issue) as well as “Birds and Blooms” “More of Our Canada” magazines along with numerous newspaper articles that have gained Nicole recognition throughout North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia.