Nicole Ruuska
Artist / Adventurer

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     This idea was inspired one day when I was out shopping.   I bought a few "new/used" quality purses from a   consignment store.   Since I love to paint on different surfaces,  I thought I would use the purses as a new canvas.   Hence, the birth of  "Pursonalities"
I call them "Pursonalities" because each one is uniquely  different.   A reflection and expression of one's personable, beautiful character.   If you would like to  commissioned  a "Pursonality" for yourself or a loved one with your own ideas,  or would like more information regarding a specific "Pursonality" please contact me.

American Gold Finch
(leather purse by Tommy Hilfiger)

Spring Fantasy Fairy
(Organizer Shoulder Bag)


close up of detail